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The following text was signed by 21 Israeli women's organizations - not primarily peace organizations, but organizations addressing domestic violence, economic empowerment, etc. I hope the tide will soon turn in Israel against support for the war in Gaza.

We Israeli women’s organizations from a broad spectrum of political views demand an end to the bombing and other tools of death, and call for the immediate start of deliberations to talk peace and not make war. The dance of death and destruction must come to an end. We demand that war no longer be an option, nor violence a strategy, nor killing an alternative. The society we want is one in which every individual can lead a life of security – personal, economic, and social.


It is clear that the highest price is paid by women and others from the periphery – geographic, economic, ethnic, social, and cultural – who now, as always, are excluded from the public eye and dominant discourse.


The time for women is now. We demand that words and actions be conducted in another language.



Ahoti: For Women in Israel

Anuar: Jewish and Arab Women Leadership
Artemis: Economic Society for Women

Bat Shalom

Coalition of Women for Peace

Economic Empowerment for Women

Feminancy: College for Women’s Empowerment

Feminist Activist Group – Jerusalem

Feminist Activist Group – Tel Aviv

International Women’s Commission: Israeli Branch

Isha L’Isha: Haifa Feminist Center

Itach: Women Lawyers for Social Justice

Kol Ha-Isha: Jerusalem Women’s Center

Mahut Center: Information, Training, and Employment for Women

Shin Movement: Equal Representation for Women

Supportive Community: Women's Business Development Center
Tmura: The Israeli Antidiscrimination Legal Center

University against Harassment – Tel Aviv

Women and their Bodies

Women’s Parliament

Women’s Spirit: Financial Independence for Women Victims of Violence

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